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Florence Courtyard Museum

Project Type

External Project

Florence Courtyard Museum 

Year 3 I Semester 1

This project was a part of an external project in Florence, Italy during my studies at the university of Westminster. Used the historic site, Fort Belvedere, to house the large model of the city of Florence. Incorporate the knowledge of Sun-Rose lighting technology, light narratives, and manifesto. 


The Bastion of San Giorgio has historical significance in Florence’s history, dating back to the 13th century. The ancient walls which once protected the site will now accommodate the Florence Courtyard Museum.The site is located on a higher altitude in respect to the surrounding grounds. The ancient gardens of La Loggetta di Villa Bardini gardens are located behind Fort Belvedere just steps from Arno River.   

View from the side on the hill of Giardi
florence site.jp2
florence site.jp2
florence site.jp2
Concept Development

Prior to our visit to the site I had gone in depth studying courtyards. I had been focusing on Middle-Eastern, as well as North African Courtyard homes. The Florence project was an amazing opportunity for me to get a better understanding of the origins of the European Courtyard homes & palaces. 

The preservation of the existing landscape was my priority. The proposal for the site museum does not disturb the existing listed walls. Instead the ancient gate will be uncovered and the exhibition will be displayed underground. The site model would be the centerpiece of the exhibition. In order to enter into the exhibition one must go through the original 13th century gate which has been closed off since then. This allows easy access to the exhibition as well as reviving the original use of the site. 

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Urban Connections
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The Site Model Exhibition

Florence Courtyard Museum would become a permanent exhibition. This institutional structure will showcase the City model that is currently housed in Uffizi Museum. Real courtyard patterns from the surrounding courtyards have been used to plan the underground rooms. Each room connect through tunnels inspired by eastern dwellings. 


The 3D site model will be exhibited upside down on the ceiling of the room. The pool of water built directly under the site model will reflect the site model and create a beautiful effect. The courtyards on the site model will be cut out which will allow daylight into the room and highlight the theme of the museum. The book shop acts as an educational tool, as well as helping finance the Museum. The visitors get a chance to Relax on the ground level and enjoy a view from above. In addition to housing the site model, the goal of the exhibition is to spark an interest about courtyards in visitors as well as educating them. 

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