As my thesis I picked this old fire station to become the new wellbeing centre in the area of Shoreditch, London. What stood out the most about this site was the history behind it. The unique shape of the building which forms a courtyard was attractive as I had focused on courtyards the years before. The features unique to its original use as a fire station make this project even more exciting to do.


The goal is to create a therapeutic space as a well as a community. This offers the young and stressed residents of Shoreditch the sanctuary and relief they need from working long hours and make the neighborhood more vibrant and happy. The listed building will be re-designed to meet the needs of the new vacants for the years to come.  

Healthcare facilities are not only designed to support and facilitate art of medicine, but also provide a therapeutic environment for the patient. The key factors into designing a healthcare environment can be measured by reduced or eliminated environmental stressors, provide positive distractions, enable social support, and give a sense of control. For example, noise reduction, access to daylight, appropriate lighting, and providing ‘off-stage’ areas for respite, and close proximity to other staff.

Shoreditch Wellbeing Centre

Where: Shoreditch, London   
When: 2018

Year 3 Thesis Project


The site lies within the South Shoreditch Conservation Area, but is not listed. It is, However, noted as a locally important building, being a former county fire station.The building is defined as creating a prominent feature in the urban landscape of this dense, historic commercial area. The surrounding uses generally comprise leisure and retail commercial uses at ground floor level with residential and offices uses above. 

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Ghazal Vaisibiameh Portfolioo.jpg
Ghazal Vaisibiameh Portfolioo.jpg

140 Tabernacle Street which is a substantial five storey, red brick building dating from, 1895 was formerly a London County Council Fire Station. The site is located on the corner point of the junctions of Tabernacle Street and Paul Street just south of Great Eastern Street and Old Street.The site is currently being used as a restaurant and office space, but was most recently in use as an restaurant and bar (as recently as December 2016. The surrounding area is mixed in character and use with residential, commercial and employment uses all evident. The area is designated as a Priority Employment Area and is with- in Central Activity Zone. The building on the site is locally listed.

Concept Development

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Removal of Curtain-Walls

To open up all the floors view to the courtyard the walls facing the courtyard must be removed and replaced with structural frames made of steel and glass to create a curtain wall throughout. ​

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Ghazal Vaisibiameh Portfoliosdec.jpg
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Technical Details

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Courtyard Landscaping


Basement Floor 

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Ground Floor

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First- Forth Floor

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Fifth Floor

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